eBook: Clinician-Driven AI Reduces  Medication-Related Risks


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Improving Patient Safety with An AI “Safety Net” 

Medication errors harm an estimated 1.2 million Americans every year. Yet according to 2020 research published in JAMA Network Open, even the most advanced systems and EHRs fail to catch more than 33% of medication related-errors.

This eBook explores how prescribing physicians' working conditions can put patient safety at risk—including that ~63% of lab-dependent prescription errors were caused by physicians on their third successive shift.

Download our recent eBook to learn how clinician-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) can reduce the risk of prescription errors caused by:  

  • Higher workloads

  • Longer hours

  • Less experience prescribing certain medications

  • Inefficient conventional Clinical Decision Support (CDS)

AI-based solutions that leverage clinical validation and oversight show a promising route to reducing medication-related risks and improving patient safety. Consider the tools you have in place at your organization: are they closing all the gaps in medication safety or do you have a >33% blindspot like the majority of healthcare systems?

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