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A diagnostic report at a medium-sized hospital typically returns over 1,000 unique medication-related risks. These are risks that are not caught by existing EHRs and medication CDS (clinical decision support) tools used today. 

Of what MedAware finds, approximately 50% could have resulted in harm or death to the patient.

MedAware's Process:

  1. MedAware will perform a retrospective analysis of your data, looking back one year.
  2. MedAware will identify medication-related risks at your organization—including prescribing, dispensing, and monitoring risks—based on our best-in-class models used by MedAware customers today.
  3. MedAware will pull a random sample of its findings for clinical validation with you or one of your clinical champions.
  4. Together, we’ll determine next best steps—balancing the magnitude of risk with the strategic quality and clinical priorities at your organization.
Why put your patients, providers, and care teams at risk? Get a health check-up for your organization. Contact us today for your complimentary diagnostic report!

Get a health check-up for your organization with a complimentary diagnostic report.